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Ingeborg van Lotringen beauty and lifestyle journalist

Photography Mike Blackett; hair Jason Crozier; make-up Alexis Day

Ingeborg van Lotringen is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and health journalist based in London. She was Cosmopolitan UK’s beauty director for 14 years, gaining a reputation for her in-depth journalism and pursuit of truth in beauty. It’s an approach that won her multiple skincare and fragrance journalism Awards.

Before Cosmopolitan, she was beauty editor on a variety of magazines including Shape, Eve, and Psychologies. Born in the Netherlands, she started her UK career in 1996 as a researcher at MTV before switching to magazine journalism in 1998.  Inge is also an accomplished beauty stylist and shoot director, with a portfolio and contacts book spanning over 20 years.


Now freelance, she writes for newspapers and magazines across the board, including Elle, Red, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Inside Space, Boots Health & Beauty, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. She is a Daily Mail columnist, producing her weekly ‘Shh! Anti-agers no-one but you need know about’- segment in the paper’s Inspire section. 


Inge is a brand consultant, copywriter and content provider. Brands include Dove, Head & Shoulders, YSL, Nivea, Pantene, Beauty Pie, Avon and Merumaya. She has hosted multiple events and talks at Cosmopolitan and for brands such as John Lewis, Clinique and The Clothes Show. She has appeared as a beauty expert on ITV’s This Morning, Sky News and BBC Radio, among other broadcast media outlets. 


Inge writes in English and Dutch, and can translate copy and content from French and German. 


Her first book is a guide to becoming a switched-on skincare consumer, capable of sourcing the most effective products for your individual needs - for life. ‘Great skin – Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You’ is available from Gibson Square Books

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